Friday, July 25, 2008

New Additions to Book Library and Learning Materials Library

These books have just been added to our Book Lending Library.


Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Practical Strategies for Teachers and Other Professionals. Northumberland County Council Communication Support Service.

Giggle Time: Establishing the Social Connection. Susan Aud Sonders.

Raising Sebastien: Realising the Potential of your Autistic Child. Choo Kah Ying.

We have also acquired several workbooks available through the Learning Materials Library for reference. Please see below.


How Would the Story End? Jean Gilliam DeGaetano. Workbook.
Using pictures and context clues to complete story events. Listening skills, visual clues, context clues, oral expression, remembering details.

Problem Solving Activities Jean Gilliam DeGaetano. Workbook.
Designed to increase awareness of choosing specific solutions to problems and the long-term results of these choices.

Inferencing Karen Clemens Warrick. Workbook.
Using context clues to infer meaning.

Mini Mysteries Remedia Publications, Inc. Workbook.
More Mini Mysteries Remedia Publications, Inc.
Works on improving reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, listening skills.

Making Inferences Remedia Publications, Inc. Workbook.
Activities to improve skills like using implied information, making assumptions, drawing conclusions, reading between the lines.

Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information Jean Gilliam DeGaetano. Workbook.
Sequencing, concrete details, subtle clues, social language.

For a full listing of available books, please see the archives, Sept 2007 post, titled Book Lending Library.

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