Saturday, February 11, 2012

Parent Testimonial about the ASD Parent Training & Support Series

I am writing this after 5 months into the ANDI Initiative Parent Training Programme.

Thanks a million to you, Intan, from the bottom of our hearts. Even those are not enough to show you our appreciation in regards to the improvement in our son. From the day our son was diagnosed with autism, I was searching for someone who could help me in handling my son, someone who could teach me, and tell me how to teach and communicate with my son effectively. I’ve read a few books but didn’t actually know how to do it.

Then I got to know about Intan’s programme through my sister and also through Intan’s blog. I found the programme to be very interesting, full of ideas, hands-on opportunities, video teaching and the like. Every session was interesting as it gave me new ideas and ways on how I could relate to my son. The more we learnt, the more we got connected to our son, the more we saw the talents in him. Things that I thought were impossible for my son suddenly seem possible. All these were the results of the implementation of the methods and ideas that I learnt from Intan.

The Parent Training Programme was tremendous. I learnt a lot from this programme and am still learning on how to bring out the hidden talents in him.

Then there are the home visits by Intan. It’s magnanimous of her to visit us, seeing that we are from Ipoh. We can’t repay her for the time she spent to travel to my place just for the sake of our son. The visits themselves were great. She drew up specific programmes for my son according to my son’s abilities. She not only drew up the programmes but painstakingly spent time to teach me on how to run the programmes.

Our son has progressed well during these 5 months, in receptive and expressive language, play skills, imitation skills and eye-contact. It’s true that we had to put a lot of energy and time in order to see the programme work, before we can see the results. It is really HARD WORK! The most important aspect of the programme is the consistency of teaching / having a session with our son.

But all this wouldn’t have been possible if not for Intan. Again we would like to record our thanks and appreciation for the care she had taken during her sessions with my son and also during the classes that we attended. We couldn’t have done all these without your help and assistance. THANK YOU, Intan, from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Parent of a 3-year-old

Ipoh, Feb 2012

(2011 Intake 2 participant)