Friday, May 23, 2014

ASD Behaviour Workshop #2: Increasing Flexibility, Improving the Capacity to Deal with Changes & Managing Self-Stimulatory Behaviour

Children on the autism spectrum often prefer routines over novelty, and changes to their routines frequently cause much distress.

Through description, discussion, video clips, and role play, the trainer will explain strategies which have been shown to improve the capacity of children with ASD to process changes. In addition, strategies for managing self-stimulatory behaviour will be covered.

This workshop is limited to 25 participants, so kindly register as soon as possible, The registration details are listed in the flyer.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Behaviour Workshop #1: Strategies to Manage Task-Avoidance and Attention-Getting Behaviour

This workshop is for educators and caregivers/parents of young children on the autism spectrum.

I will build an understanding on the various functions (reasons) for behavior, describe that I've selected 2 functions for this workshop (task avoidance / escape and attention-seeking), go through each one using a combination verbal description, visuals including video clips, and discussion (audience-trainer and audience-audience) in order to introduce some strategies which have been known to be effective (either from published research and/or from my own field experience). We would also be breaking into groups to practice some of the strategies. 

To register, please use the directions on the attached flyer.