Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Parent Voices': ASD Parent Support Group

'Parent Voices'
ASD Parent Support Group

Come and meet other parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. We will start off the morning with a guest speaker (a parent), who will share their experiences. The rest of the morning will be general discussion and sharing by all (a great way to pick up tips and ideas on resources for our kids), as well as a light snack.

The guest speaker each month is coming in not as an expert of any methodology, but as another parent with his or her own particular story to share.

Please register your attendance at intanmiranti@yahoo.com.sg or at 012 538 6134. Registration is absolutely necessary due to space limitations, and due to the possibility of last-minute changes. Limited to 20 parents per meeting. This event is for ADULTS only.

FUTURE MEETINGS (Please note that topics may change)

Sunday, May 2, 2010, 10am until 12 noon
Topic: "Information & Support for New Parents"

This particular meeting is most suitable for parents who are 'new' to autism spectrum disorder (diagnosis in the last 1 year).

  • being careful about information overload
  • studying information with a critical eye
  • where to get affordable toys and learning materials
  • who to talk to for support, information and HOPE
  • making new friends

LOCATION: Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Please call for venue).

Hi Parents, if you wondering if this support group is for you, maybe it would help to read the comments from other parents.

Friday, July 25, 2008

PC Art

New Additions to Book Library and Learning Materials Library

These books have just been added to our Book Lending Library.


Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Practical Strategies for Teachers and Other Professionals. Northumberland County Council Communication Support Service.

Giggle Time: Establishing the Social Connection. Susan Aud Sonders.

Raising Sebastien: Realising the Potential of your Autistic Child. Choo Kah Ying.

We have also acquired several workbooks available through the Learning Materials Library for reference. Please see below.


How Would the Story End? Jean Gilliam DeGaetano. Workbook.
Using pictures and context clues to complete story events. Listening skills, visual clues, context clues, oral expression, remembering details.

Problem Solving Activities Jean Gilliam DeGaetano. Workbook.
Designed to increase awareness of choosing specific solutions to problems and the long-term results of these choices.

Inferencing Karen Clemens Warrick. Workbook.
Using context clues to infer meaning.

Mini Mysteries Remedia Publications, Inc. Workbook.
More Mini Mysteries Remedia Publications, Inc.
Works on improving reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, listening skills.

Making Inferences Remedia Publications, Inc. Workbook.
Activities to improve skills like using implied information, making assumptions, drawing conclusions, reading between the lines.

Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information Jean Gilliam DeGaetano. Workbook.
Sequencing, concrete details, subtle clues, social language.

For a full listing of available books, please see the archives, Sept 2007 post, titled Book Lending Library.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Introduction: What We Do

ANDI Initiative (Autism Network for Direct Instruction) hopes to increase options for Malaysian children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Efforts that ANDI Initiative are primarily interested in supporting are those that provide education or therapy to individuals with an ASD. A secondary area of interest are projects that benefit children whose families are in the lower-income bracket, regardless of medical diagnosis.

Current Projects / Activities

1. For parents looking for therapeutic or educational options for their children, ANDI Initiative assists in locating available service providers. ANDI Initiative does not charge parents for this referral service, nor do we accept payment from the associated service providers.

2. ANDI Initiative provides a therapy/training facility in Section 17, Petaling Jaya for therapists to teach children with autism. Although the therapists and parents contribute a nominal hourly fee to use the facility, ANDI Initiative mananges the facility and funds the bulk of the associated ongoing costs.

Some of the autism therapy teams have used the facility to hold team meetings.

Trainings for parents and therapists are also periodically held here.

The facility has been the venue of several group skills classes.

The facility has been used by consultants to provide assessments and progress reviews to children under their care. It has also been used for support group meetings for parents of children with autism.

3. ANDI Initiative is also working to increase the number of autism consultants and therapists available locally. The hope is that in doing so, the next generation of Malaysian children with autism will be able to access quality autism programmes.

4. ANDI Initiative organises trainings/workshops for parents and individuals interested in autism-related trainings. It is our firm belief that knowledge is power.

5. ANDI Initiative also supports pro bono educational talks on selected autism-related topics to organisations in the Klang Valley.

6. ANDI Initiative makes available to parents a lending library of books on autism and a Learning Materials Library.

7. ANDI Initiative continues to collaborate with other parties to offer options for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Workshop: Developing Fine Motor Skills for Handwriting

“My child’s writing is very light and shaky” “He gets tired quickly when writing”
“She hates writing. What can I do?”

ANDI Initiative presents:

"Developing Fine Motor Skills for Handwriting"

Workshop by Teo Lee Fun, OT


Participants will learn the developmental stages of writing readiness and the importance of developing fine motor skills. Common problems associated with handwriting will be discussed, and multi-sensory teaching strategies and practical tips will be described. In addition, the speaker will introduce available writing tools and aids, as well as handwriting programmes. Comfortable, practical clothing is suggested, as this workshop requires the active participation of the audience.


Saturday, April 26, 2008
9:30am until 1:00pm
Early Lunch will be served


Sau Seng Lum (SSL) Rehab Centre,
Lot PT 39480, Jln Industri PBP 3,
Tmn Industri, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor

(for a map to the location, please contact us)

About the Speaker:

Teo Lee Fun is an occupational therapist trained in New Zealand and has been working many years in this field. She is SIPT (sensory integration praxis test) certified with the University of Southern California(USC/WPS). She has also attended professional training in areas such as sensory integration, NDT, MORE approach, Samonas and Therapeutic Listening.
Ms Teo has a special interest working with children with learning difficulties and sensory integrative dsyfunction. She has given seminars, lectures and conducted numerous workshops for parents, teachers and others involved with children with special needs.

To register, please send an email to intanmiranti@yahoo.com or call 016-913 6134.