Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Parent Voices': ASD Parent Support Group

'Parent Voices'
ASD Parent Support Group

Come and meet other parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. We will start off the morning with a guest speaker (a parent), who will share their experiences. The rest of the morning will be general discussion and sharing by all (a great way to pick up tips and ideas on resources for our kids), as well as a light snack.

The guest speaker each month is coming in not as an expert of any methodology, but as another parent with his or her own particular story to share.

Please register your attendance at intanmiranti@yahoo.com.sg or at 012 538 6134. Registration is absolutely necessary due to space limitations, and due to the possibility of last-minute changes. Limited to 20 parents per meeting. This event is for ADULTS only.

FUTURE MEETINGS (Please note that topics may change)

Sunday, May 2, 2010, 10am until 12 noon
Topic: "Information & Support for New Parents"

This particular meeting is most suitable for parents who are 'new' to autism spectrum disorder (diagnosis in the last 1 year).

  • being careful about information overload
  • studying information with a critical eye
  • where to get affordable toys and learning materials
  • who to talk to for support, information and HOPE
  • making new friends

LOCATION: Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Please call for venue).

Hi Parents, if you wondering if this support group is for you, maybe it would help to read the comments from other parents.


Anonymous said...

This support group is great - as a new parent to a special child, I felt helpless and lost in the tons of information out there in the internet and limited resource in Malaysia for this topic. Meeting up with this group has not only provided myself with the support to this new journey but access to real parent's experience, lesson learnt and knowledge of that one can only expect from parents that wants the best for their child. I am looking forward to learn as well as contribute to this group as we enter a new chapter in my life.

A New Group Member for Feb

Unicorn said...

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A Virgo said...

When we were first told that our child was 'slow' and not developing normally and the word 'autism' was put forward, we were devastated. We didn't know anything about it, it had never happened to anyone we knew, there was no family history at all. At first we didn't know anything - then we went on the Net and there was so much information it was overwhelming! I didn't know where to look first or which area to concentrate my efforts on and even who to see. I am really grateful to the group at Parent Voices, who have so generously shared their experiences, advice and who are inspirations in themselves, and good examples of how much someone can do if there is motivation to do it. Undoubtedly the parents are very busy people with many demands on their time, yet they still make the effort to put forward their ideas and knowledge so new parents like me, who are still bewildered and lost, can start finding our way. Thank you all so much, and for letting me know that I am not alone, that it's ok to be human (and complain about the unfairness of it all) and that I can do something to help my child.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

The subject discussed continue to be extremely relevant for both new parent as well as senior ones. One thing is for sure, as much as there are innovation happening around us everyday, same goes in the intervention methods in this area. What better environment to discuss all this than in a support group where everyone is a parent. The great thing about this group is the members are very open and very willing to share their experience without any prejudice. Kudos to Intan who has done a great job to keep the support group going and sharing her experience - and to the other parents who have attended, thank you for making this a great support group! As most of us are aware, it will be a journey and there is no better way to embark on this journey through sharing & learning with great friends.

Marissa B said...

ANDI Initiative has been a source of support for us from the very beginning of our diagnosis up till now more than a year later. We benefit greatly from the support group and Intan's guidance, most importantly it has put us on the best path for our child's recovery. Keep up the good work!