Monday, October 29, 2012

Words from a parent currently in the ASD Parent Training & Support Series

The words below are from a mother who is currently half-way into the Sept-Dec 2012 intake of the parent training series offered by ANDI Initiative.She has allowed me to share her thoughts. Can you sense how empowered she feels? An empowered parent is a healthy parent. A healthy parent can better hold the family together. Happy Reading!


I personally feel he has improved in social skills. He's not exactly talking yet, but he mingles more and is not as shy as before. He even initiates to play with other people when he's bored. Previously he's contented with playing alone, him and his trains, daydreaming, self babbling.  He still babbles now, but half of the time he is looking at one's face as if he wants to communicate, only words not coming out.

He surprised me sometimes with his abilities to do certain activities, and he is more compliant now. He enjoys the feeling of accomplishments when he does things right (eg. counting is really tough for him at the moment, but if he gets it right, he did the king kong chest thumping proudly. I haven't the faintest idea where he learnt that from).

He enjoys his sessions with me. Every night after dinner, he willingly walks upstairs to start his 
sessions. He is looking forward to do activities other than watching TV. That, to me, is improvement!

In my husband's own words "At least now he knows he should sit down when we expect him to do so, and he knows he should be learning/studying stuff during table time. Better concentration."

I am now more aware of my son's potential.  I  am feeling closer to him, and him to me. I don't think my husband and me have thoroughly passed the denial stage yet, but seeing him improving daily, gives us hope, instead of worrying like mad and feeling hopeless.

We know now we can and we must help him to speed up his learning, and not rely solely on supplements and professionals. We are doing things at his pace, not forcing him to do activities that are not up to his level. We have better directions, all thanks to you Intan!!

Having joined this parent training made me realized there are a lot more parents out there who were struggling as much and even more than me, and we understand each other difficulties in dealing with our special kid. I’m bad, but knowing that I'm not alone in this situation, provides some comfort specially during down times.

No regrets in joining this training, In fact I should have joined in earlier!! (self kick!!!)

Participant, ASD Parent Training & Support Series Sept-Dec 2012 Intake
Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia


enbarani said...

Hello Intan,
My name is Enbarani and I'm currently pursuing Master in Education in Universiti Malaya. I read your blog (which is enlightening, and thanks for the information on HANDLE) and would like to contact a parent who posted her feedback dated( 29 Oct 2012,Mon) for subject assignment purpose.
If she agrees to meet me, she can contact me at 012-2152433 or email to, or alternatively, I can also call her. I will provide the letters or any documents provided prior to the interview.
Thank you in advance, Intan. Have a joyful weekend.

Intan Miranti said...

Hello Enbarani: Thanks for your message. I will forward your message to the parent. All the best for your studies!