Sunday, December 20, 2015

Social Skills Module - Holiday Programme

This module is for children on the autism spectrum. We do include a few typically-developing (non-autistic) peers, so that they can learn from each other. 

This module focuses on FUN, of course!

Right up there with FUN are the following LEARNING OBJECTIVES:

- To maintain attention to what the others in the group are DOING
- To maintain awareness of what the others in the group are THINKING
- To COORDINATE one's actions with the actions of others
- To start to become aware of one's own thinking (METACOGNITION!)

This social learning programme includes several social cognition concepts, some of which are based on Social Thinking (R), a teaching methodology created by Michelle Garcia Winner ( Although the lead facilitator of this module has attended Social Thinking workshops in the USA and Malaysia run by the Social Thinking Collaborative, this module is not affiliated with, nor has it been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Michelle Garcia Winner or Think Social Publishing, Inc.


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