Monday, February 1, 2010

New Year Additions to the Lending Book Library

As always the case in the past 4 years, borrowing is FREE. A small fully-refundable deposit is required for some of the books. This service is for parents of children with special needs.

BehaviorAsk: Straight Answers to your ABA Programming Questions. By Bobby Newman, Dana Reinecke and Tammy Hammond.

Video Modelling and Behaviour Analysis. By Christos Nikopoulos and Mickey Keenan.

More to come...



Syahida said...

do u allow lenders from outside selangor/KL?

Intan & Anthony Miranti said...

Yes, but that would mean you have to travel here to borrow, and travel here again to return. The books can be loaned out for 2 weeks, you just have to put down a deposit for each book. Feel free to email me!