Thursday, February 4, 2010

Partial and Full Sponsorship to Attend ASD-Related Workshops/Talks

ANDI Initiative is offering the following 'boost' to parents of children with autism, who would not be attending these events otherwise:

  • 50% sponsorship for one seat for a 12-hour behaviour management workshop (13 and 21 March 2010)
  • 100% sponsorship for one seat for a talk on biomedical intervention (9 February 2010).

Contact 016 913 6134 or for further info. Confidentiality will be maintained.



Marissa B said...

Hi Intan, I'm touched by your generosity. Very kind of you to do this. We all appreciate your kindness and help, I hope to reciprocate soon. Love from Paul, Marissa, Maya & Yasmin

Anonymous said...

Hi Intan aka lecturer....I enjoyed my ABA class yesterday, didn't feel tired at all though it's fr 12 to 5:30 pm. salute your open minds, not to judge or label others, and your cute and fun sanguine ways of making life fun to go thru :) ... your company is doing a great work for the community, good to hear about the Sec 17 community center, the library, your passion of empowering the parents etc etc etc ...we need more msian like you , to stay back and help build a better future for Msia :) .... SYABAS ! BRAVO , Keep Up the Great Job ....
from Kimmie

Intan & Anthony Miranti said...

Thank you for your kind words Marissa and Kimmie :-)